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Sample Videos: Mini Training Course

Welcome to the GotPeopleSkills free mini-training course entitled "Exploding Your Success in a Down Economy." This series of videos will demonstrate some of the methods and ideas behind the powerful GotPeopleSkills program. Please enjoy these videos and review them as many times and as often as you like.

Sample Videos: Sold in 10 Seconds

Sold in 10 Seconds (7 minutes)

Learn the key secrets to overcoming hidden barriers in working with people and quickly gain their trust and confidence - in just the first 3 to 10 seconds. Discover the "brain science" of how to quickly overcome resistance from other people to you and your product or service.

Sample Videos: Making the Connection

Making the Connection (12 minutes)

85% of people choose to do business with people based on just two things: trust and likability. Learn how to create trust and likability in just minutes - during your initial contact with people. Learn key techniques to get people to want to align themselves with you, your ideas, and your offer.

Sample Videos: Gold Medal Mind Games

Gold Medal Mind Games (16 minutes)

Learn how to use proven techniques of persuasion - based on recently discovered neuroscience about how the brain functions (the five brainwave activity states). Discover which brainwave states work best to get and hold people's attention and interest - and how to focus your own mind for maximum creativity and innovation.

Sample Videos: The “Get-What-You-Want” Formula

The “Get-What-You-Want” Formula (11 minutes)

Discover the simple, 4-part system that will give yourself an unfair advantage - every time - when it comes to career advancement, social situations, sales or any situation where you need or want something from another person. You can literally watch as you see trust and likability build in your favor once you learn and apply this powerful, insider knowledge.

Sample Videos: Guarantee Your Success!

Guarantee Your Success! (10 minutes)

People who are successful use proven systems to achieve and move up to the next level. You'll be simply amazed as you learn a surprisingly simple twelve-word system for success acceleration that builds upon your new knowledge of brainwave states and specific techniques in the "Get What You Want" Formula to accelerate your success even more quickly!