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What Our Workshop Participants Say

Tens of thousands of people from all walks of life have learned the fundamentals of communication and rapport-building with the GotPeopleSkills program. Here are just a few of our satisfied clients' comments about the effect of GotPeopleSkills.

After five years in car sales,

I was only selling six or seven cars per month and in a huge slump. Then my general manager sent me through the People Skills in a Box training, which breathed new life into my approach and interaction with people. I began using the people skills immediately. The very next month I took my two-week planned fishing trip and still sold nine cars. I am now consistently in the top five.

Lincoln Mercury Salesperson
Las Vegas, Nevada

While attending a live GotPeopleSkills workshop,

I made $11,000! During a 10 minute break, I called a client whom I had been assisting and used some of the People Skills techniques I had just learned. Instead of dropping the price of the property, I held tight and closed the deal over the phone. I discovered more about building rapport at this seminar than in my 10-year career at IBM. I strongly suggest you attend.

Las Vegas, Nevada

I attended the GotPeopleSkills seminar

to figure out why my girlfriend (and mother of my two children) would not accept my continual marriage proposals. Of the 11 people skills they teach, I was doing 10 wrong. Six weeks after the workshop, she proposed to me! My life has forever changed, thank you.

Seminar Participant
Las Vegas, Nevada

In my 20 years of dentistry,

my complete staff and I regularly attended workshops, trainings, and seminars. After retiring I attended the GotPeopleSkills training -- it was the first in which I did not fall asleep. My practice could have used these skills everyday. I highly recommend this!

Las Vegas, Nevada

GotPeopleSkills landed me a $370,000 contract

on a new high rise. After applying People Skills for 20 minutes in a meeting with two decision makers whom I had never met before, they exclaimed, "We would like you to review the numbers on the two competing bids. If you can match them, we want to do business with you." That never happens in my line of business! This stuff works and I highly recommend the course.

Denver, Colorado

GotPeopleSkills is the simplest and most applicable program

mI've ever gone through. I recommend this program to anyone who is searching for better people skills.

As they say, the only thing wrong with common sense is that it is not all that common. This program is excellent for all.

Seminar Participant
Salt Lake City, Utah

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